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01. How long does it take to change the battery for my Suunto Dive Computer?

Generally, if it is a standard annual change (replacement) of battery, it will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes. For more information on what goes on during a battery change, please visit our page at

02. Is there after warranty from your company after a change of battery?

Yes, there is a 12 months warranty provided from us for any Suunto Battery Replacement and Servicing. However, there are terms and conditions. If we have noticed that there are integrity issues with your Suunto Diving Instrument, we will advise you on the necessary services that is required to be rendered. Should you decide not to do it, we will not be able to warrant against flooding of your Suunto Diving Instrument. For more information about this, please visit

03. How much does it cost for battery replacement for my Suunto Dive Computer?

For all watch base sized computers, the fees would be SGD$ 90.00. For big face Suunto Diving Computers, the fees are SGD$ 75.00. For more information, please view our rates found at

04. I have a very old Suunto Dive Computer, can it still be serviced and can the battery still be replaced?

Depending on the issues with your older Suunto Dive Computer, all battery change would be possible. However, if there are other issues with it, it might not be possible. We will advise you onsite what can be done or you can use the above link “Supported Models” and select your Suunto Dive Computer you have, and see what services can be rendered for the particular model.

05. I have a Suunto Dive Computer that is less than 2 years old, and it has been flooded. What can I do?

If your Suunto Dive Computer has not gone through any battery change and it has been flooded, we can always assist you in making warranty claims for it. However, if your Suunto Diving Computer has been tampered with by a non-Authorized Suunto Centre, you will have voided all liability for any warranty claims. There are only two Authorized Suunto Service Centres in Singapore at this moment of time.

06. I have a Suunto Dive Computer that is more than 2 years old, and it has been flooded. What can I do?

If your Suunto Dive Computer has gone through a battery change and it has been flooded, please visit the dive centre that did your last battery change and claim from that company. We will not be able to assist you in any warranty claim for this. However, if your dive computer was handled by us and you have fulfilled your obligations in terms of maintaining your dive computer and the 2 years 200 dives policy, we will repair the dive computer for you at no cost.

07. We found another dive centre that can provide the same service as you at a cheaper price, can you match the price?

There are only two service centres in Singapore, and we are both offering the same rates. Should you prefer to use an Unauthorized Service Centre, it would be your choice. However, do take note that you will void all your warranty for your Suunto Diving Computer should you decide to do so.

08. I noticed that I have bought a Suunto Dive Computer from an Authorized Dealer. Am I still entitled to the same warranty and services?

The answer is NO. If you have purchased a Suunto Diving Computer from online, or an Unauthorized Dealer, please contact them for aftersales. However, we can still perform battery change (replacement) and other services to you. But if there’s any defects in your Suunto Dive Computer, we will not be able to assist you in filing for any warranty claims.

09. Do you offer after hours services?

Yes we do. But there will be a surcharge of SGD$ 100.00, ontop of any cost incurred. This is to cover the expenses for the staff who has to traveled back to the shop to render the services for you.

10. I am residing in a country with no Authorized Suunto Service Centre. Can I send my Suunto Diving Computer for you for servicing.

Yes, of course you can. However, you will have to pay for international shipping to send the Suunto Dive Computer to us and also the international shipping cost back to you. We will not bear any responsibility when you send the computer for us but we will use only appropriate courier service with tracking back to you.

11. I am very busy at work, do you provide courier pick up service?

Yes we do. A 2 way courier service will be charged. The fees is SGD$ 50.00 for two way, which will be handled by Roadmaster Courier Services. It will take maximum of 2 days for battery change (replacement) of your Suunto Dive Computer. If you would like to have your Suunto Dive Computer back on the same day, you would have to contact us before 1300hrs.

12. Do you use only Authorized Suunto Parts?

Yes we do, with the exception of batteries. This is due to the fact that air-freight of batteries on a commercial airline is no longer possible. However, Suunto has a recommendation of the appropriate batteries and we have sourced and followed the guidelines provided by Suunto.

13. I have purchased my own battery and o-ring. Can you use that for a battery replacement and charge a cheaper rate?

No we do not due to liability issues. As we do not know whether your O-ring or battery is original (regardless of packaging), we are unable to render the service to you with your battery and O-Ring. However, should you want to change your battery on your own and engage us to do a pressure check, that is possible but no warranty will be given. The charges for us doing a dry and wet leak test for you is SGD$ 50.00 for your Suunto Diving Computer. 

14. I have changed my own battery. Can you run a diagnosis report for us?

No, we cannot do that. All diagnosis test requires us to open the battery compartment and because you have attempted to change your own battery, we will be unable to perform any sort of diagnosis report for you.

15. What models can you service and provide battery change?

Depending on the issues with your older Suunto Dive Computer, all battery change would be possible. However, if there are other issues with it, it might not be possible. We will advise you onsite what can be done or you can use the above link “Supported Models” and select your Suunto Dive Computer you have, and see what services can be rendered for the particular model.


Most Suunto Dive Computer owners are not aware of this. Suunto recommends a complete overhaul of your diving instrument every 2 year or 200 dives, whichever comes first. During the recommended servicing, the following services will be rendered on your diving instrument (computers).

The computer will be disassembled down to the case.

  1. All of the o-rings / seals will be replaced.
  2. The 4 button contacts inside will be replaced.
  3. All 4 of the buttons will be replaced.
  4. There will be an integrity test which places the computer under pressure and tests for displacement of the case and air tightness.
  5. Lastly, a function test will be done where the computer is dived in a pressure pot to test the functionality of your Suunto Dive Computer.


Like any diving equipment you own, each piece of diving equipment, whether you have diligently maintained it or not, there are bound to be wear and tear. For models such as the Suunto D4, D4i or D4i Novo, the four buttons have O-Rings in it and are held by a small piece of Circlip (also commonly known as E-Clip). Over time, the O-rings installed in the buttons do get worn down and potentially can cause a leak when you use it underwater.

For Suunto D6, D6i, D6i Novo, D9, Stinger, Spyder, they too should have their buttons replace. But it is slightly easier to replace the buttons on these models and usually during your battery change, we will recommend that you have them change based on 2 year or 200 dives.

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