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Have you ever wondered what is really done or NOT DONE when you send your Suunto Dive Computer to a dive centre to get a battery change? There are few very dive centres located in Singapore that are capable of replacing your Suunto Dive Computer battery on-site, as most battery replacement of Suunto Dive Computers are out sourced to bigger dive centres.

Let us explain the proper procedure. A  well-informed and vigilant consumer is the best protected consumer. And you should be, after spending so much money on your Suunto Dive Computer.

Physical Assessment

When you send your Suunto Dive Computer to us, the first thing we will be checking for will be damage on the case, lens and strap. A visible assessement on water damage will be done externally and internally.

Buttons Testing

The buttons of your Suunto Dive Computer is one of the items that are usually not taken care of. We will be peforming a visual check on the intergrity of your buttons of your dive computer.

Water Sensor Testing

The next test that is performed is a dryland check of your depth sensor to see if it can be activated. This is usually done before opening up your Suunto Dive Computer for a battery change.

Buzzer Testing

Another important test is the audible alarms of your Suunto Diving Computer. Most divers rely on the audible alarms to warn them about safety stops, exceeding dive time or depth limits.

screen and backlight

For older Suunto Dive Computers, we will be conducting a visual inspection of your screen and backlight. This allows us to inform you if it is necessary to change any parts.

Temperature and Compass

A test of the temperature for your Suunto Dive Computer will be conducted. And for owners of Suunto D6i or other models with digital compass, they will be checked for accuracy as well.

battery consumption

Once we have completed with all the visual check, the battery compartment will be carefully opened. A battery consumption test will be conducted to check if there’s any module failure.

cleaning of unit

Your Suunto Dive Computer is now ready to be clean in an ESD environment. A detailed inspection will also be conducted internally to look any irregularities in your unit. Only ESD cleaning devices are used.

changing of battery

Your Suunto Dive Computer is ready for a battery change now. A brand new battery, an original lubricated O-ring for your unit will be carefully installed with the appropriate recommended tools.

leak test

Once your Dive Computer has been carefully cleaned, assembled and installed with a new battery, your unit will go through a dry leak test, followed by a wet leak test.

pressure testing

Your Suunto Dive Computer will now do a simulated dive to 40m, so that we can check your depth sensor and the intergrity of your unit at depth. This will take approximately 10 minutes.

warranty period

Any work rendered by us will have an extended warranty of 12 months. If you are changing a battery, we will warrant the battery for 12 months. Should your computer be flat, we will change it for your for free.

Suunto Authorized Service Centre Singapore

Orpheus Dive is the only Suunto Authorized Service Centre in Singapore that operates 7 days a week. Changing of your Suunto Diving Computer Batteries and a leak test will take only 30 minutes while you wait.

Offering unparalleled services to Suunto Dive Computer owners, thousands of scuba divers residing here in Singapore has chosen Orpheus Dive has the top servicing centre for Suunto Dive Computer Owners.


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