Suunto Dive Computer Servicing, Battery Change D6i D6 D4i D4 Zoop Novo Stinger Cobra Vytec Mosquito

Battery Change and replacement

While many Singapore Scuba Dive Centres have published their capabilities of changing batteries for your investments in Suunto Dive Computer, many of such services are out-source to third parties who are not Authorized Service Centre.

Find out the proper procedures and steps taken during a routine battery change. Be a well-informed customer and not a pennywise consumer.

We are the only Suunto Authorized Service Centre that is open 7 days a week, catering to thousands of Suunto Dive Computer owners a year.

Suunto Dive Computer Servicing, Battery Change D6i D6 D4i D4 Zoop Novo Stinger Cobra Vytec Mosquito

two (2) years 200 dives

Suunto recommends that all Suunto Diving Computers should be fully serviced every 2 years or 200 dives, whichever comes first. This service includes the battery change, replacement of all case to button O-rings, depth and water contact O-rings, battery compartment O-ring, crystal O-rings, and exterior cleaning.

Most computers that are flooded after a period of time, are mostly caused by negligence by owners, failing to follow the recommended full servicing. 

This is especially important for divers who have computers older than 4 years old.

Suunto Dive Computer Servicing, Battery Change D6i D6 D4i D4 Zoop Novo Stinger Cobra Vytec Mosquito


We keep virtually every single part of the latest Suunto Diving Computers for servicing and repair works. Whether is it a sticking button, a damaged sensor, a cracked screen, we will be able to replace them.

For the older generation of Suunto Dive Computers, there are only certain services we can render.

For more information, please use the link above “Supported Models” to find out exactly what can be done for your Suunto Dive Computer and what sort of services cannot be performed anymore.

serving Singapore scuba dive community since 1999

I realized that my computer was low on battery only at 11pm. I messaged them at 11pm and told them the urgency as I was going first thing in the morning. Their staff made their way back to the shop and within 30 minutes, they did a complete battery change for me. Kudos for the services despite the staff had to work overtime for me.


I have been to many shops trying to change the battery for my Suunto Mosquito and no one was able to help me. When I was over at Orpheus Dive, they actually had the required parts and did a complete battery change for me while I waited for less than 40 minutes. They were amazing, fast and professional. Thank you so much.


My battery change was done by another dive shop. After nine months, the battery was dead. I brought it down to Orpheus Dive and upon inspection, water marks in my module. Without asking too much questions, they managed to claim warranty for the required parts and repair my computer. Thank you so much.

Choo Teck

I never knew that changing battery with an unauthorized Suunto Dive Centre will void my warranty. After an incident of mild flooding, the people are Orpheus Dive managed to revive my computer and repaired it. Though the prices are steep, the services provided is by far the best services I have experience in the local diving community.



Suunto Authorized Service Centre Singapore

Orpheus Dive is the only Suunto Authorized Service Centre in Singapore that operates 7 days a week. Changing of your Suunto Diving Computer Batteries and a leak test will take only 30 minutes while you wait.

Offering unparalleled services to Suunto Dive Computer owners, thousands of scuba divers residing here in Singapore has chosen Orpheus Dive has the top servicing centre for Suunto Dive Computer Owners.


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